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Home Insurance Uk - How To Obtain Cheaper Home Insurance

Everyone wants to obtain cheaper home insurance and recently, a number of books have been spotted on the internet offering to give you the secret of obtaining cheap insurance in return for a sum of money. Most of these are absolute rubbish, there is no special way to obtain cheaper home insurance, there are no secret deals, for the main it is just hard work phoning around trying to find and insurance company that offers what you consider to be a reasonable deal.

Many people ask why premiums vary so much from insurer to insurer. Quite simply, they are all looking for different things, you may find that one insurance company is very competitive in one area, but not in another. This could be for a variety of reasons as insurance is calculated on an individual basis after you have answered a set of underwriting questions.

There are many factors that affect the pricing of insurance and with a particular insurance company, you may just fit their target market, lots of things are taken in to consideration such as the postcode, your occupation, your sum insured and even your date of birth. Many people ask why should your age effect the pricing of your insurance, well statically, insurers know that fewer claims coming form older people, hence many will offer a discount. There's not too much you can do to increase your age to obtain a discount from your home insurance but what can be done to help secure a discount.

1) Excess, this is a term applied by insurers to the first portion of a loss that the policyholder must pay in the event of a claim,. Thus if you have a £50.00 excess and you have a valid claim, the insurers will settle less the £50.00 excess. You could offer to pay a higher excess and most insurers will offer you a discount. Be a bit careful with this as excess fall in to two groups, voluntary and compulsory. Most polices will come with a compulsory excess so any voluntary excess you offer to pay will be on top of this.

2) Fit smoke detectors to your Home- These very cheap devices are obtainable almost everywhere and not only can they prove to be a life saver, many insurers will offer a small discount if you have them fitted.

3) Improve the physical security at your Home. - Many insurance companies offer discounts if you have good physical security at your home, this would include key operated window locks, 5 lever mortise deadlocks on the final exit doors. If you are unsure what to fit ask your insurance broker or speak to your local crime prevention office.

4) Join a neighbourhood watch scheme. - Often joining a neighbourhood watch scheme can result in a small discount being offered.

5) Fit an alarm to your property, you can usually obtain cheaper home insurance if your property has had an alarm fitted. Be careful though as alarms differ greatly in their effectiveness and the discounts an insurer is prepared to offer. Most will require that the alarm has been fitted by a professional company that have a governing body and that the alarm is maintained on a maintenance contract. Alarms can be expensive to fit in relation to the actual discount offered. Always check first with your bro0ker or insurer before paying for an alarm to be fitted.
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